What is Hypnotic Journey Therapy?

Hypnotic Journey Therapy  is a New approach to Hypnotherapy that is:-

All about  You and Your Journey 

 Body-centred - offering you an experience of healing in your whole self - body, mind, emotions and the sub-conscious 

Uses Touch and  Therapeutic Hypnosis  - helping you unravel the story of negative experiences and affirm new positive life giving patterns.

 Creative - encouraging you to think 'outside of the box'. Therapeutic hypnosis may occur through visualisation, dialogue, painting, music or movement.

 Body Led enabling you to heal thoroughly, processing completely any memories, feelings or thought patterns that are blocking you from moving forwards and finding your place in the world.



'Be the Feeling - The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Journey Therapy' is a new approach to hypnotherapy - an exciting blend of The 12 Body Areas and Therapeutic Hypnosis helping people to unlock their healing by learning to let go of their past, live in the moment and look forward to their future by embracing the power of their vulnerability. 






            Jennie Williams

Hypnotherapist (Acc.Hyp DHP)

Who would Benefit from Hypnotic Journey Therapy?

Anyone who would like to work with a Body-centred, Creative  Approach to their Healing. 

Highly Sensitive People (HSP's) 

Children and Teenagers 

Hypnotic Journey Therapy recognises that:-

We all have the capacity to be soulful. Soulfulness is a deep heart response to who we are and the world.

Highly Sensitive and Soulful People are needed in the world. They bring softness and sweetness to heal harshness and bitterness. They bring connection to heal separation.

Highly Sensitive and Soulful People can hide behind their sensitivity or block it. They hide when they believe the world will continuously overwhelm them. They block their sensitivity when they use practices and formulas to make themselves feel better.

Highly Sensitive and Soulful People are good at healing! Their sensitivity and intuition enables them to naturally and effectively process feelings, thoughts, patterns in their body and sub-conscious.

For more stories about my own healing journey and lots more please follow my Blog A Healer's Story

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About Me

For 14 years I’ve been working with my healing - letting go of what is blocking me from really being ‘in my body’ and ‘in the world’. I have learnt to interpret signs, symptoms and sensations as messages telling me what is happening in each area of my body and myself as a whole. This has helped me not just to heal but also to maintain my levels of energy, motivation and fulfilment.


When we are not well it is easy to lose touch with ourselves and become invisible to the outside world. 'Why Are Pebbles So Smooth?' inspires us to feeling our feelings, keep our love tank up, embrace the world through our senses, chart our progress and enjoy our creativity to give ourselves the best opportunity to heal.

Children respond very easily to Hypnotic Journey Therapy. Nurturing their creativity and intuition helps them open to a deep and satisfying way of connecting with themselves and the world.This is good for their self-esteem, health, helps them to find a strong sense of identity and to know their place in the world.