How do You Work as a Healer?

I use an approach that is:-

All about  You and Your Journey 

 Body-centred - inviting you to  an experience of healing in your whole self - body, mind, emotions and the sub-conscious 

 Creative - encouraging you to think 'outside of the box'. Healing may occur through visualisation, dialogue, painting, music or movement.

 Body Led enabling you to heal thoroughly by helping you to process any memories, feelings in your body, emotions or thought patterns that are blocking you from moving forwards and finding your place in the world.

Comments: (Please see more in Healing - Testimonials)

"I think the session was very helpful. I was really interested in your way of 'seeing energy' which is indeed a gift." Rhona
"I think The HSC Club is really helping Jacob to express himself so thank you very much for your help." Lisa
For more ideas of how to help your Highly Sensitive Childplease follow my Blog: A Healer's Story            

            Jennie Williams

       BEd DipCBed Acc Hyp DHP

Healer, Teacher, Childbirth Educator

            & Hypnotherapist

Who would Benefit from My Approach to Healing?

Anyone who would like to work with a Body-centred Approach to Their Healing

Highly Sensitive People (who may be  struggling to find the line between sensitivity and anxiety)

Children and Teenagers (who may suffer with anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD or Chronic Fatigue) 

About Me

For 14 years I’ve been working with my healing - letting go of what is blocking me from really being ‘in my body’ and ‘in the world’. I have learnt to interpret signs, symptoms and sensations as messages telling me what is happening in each area of my body and myself as a whole. This has helped me not just to heal but also to maintain my levels of energy, motivation and fulfilment.

 Healing for Highly Sensitive Children 

Nurturing their creativity and intuition helps children open to a deep and satisfying way of connectng with themselves and the world. This is good for their self-esteem, health, helps them find a strong sense of identity and to know their place in the world.

Luca's Comment 

"I have found that Healing for Highly Sensitive People is very good and interesting. Also Jennie gives some useful information as well. I had a fear of cats and healing lowered it down and eventually it went away completely. Now I even sort of like cats!" Luca (Age 8)